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Thermal laminating films and lamination

Lamination is done to protect our prints. When we join two or more layers, we call it laminate. The process of making a laminate is called Lamination. During laminating our print can be covered by bonding on one or both sides.

Thermal laminating films are heat sensitive films having ability to make good bond with media in the presense of heat and pressure.

Heat sensitive laminating adhesive like EVA ethylene vinyl acetate is used for this purpose.

Types of thermal laminating films

1. BOPP / OPP thermal laminating films

2. PET (Polyester) thermal laminating films

3. Nylon thermal laminating films

4. Metallized thermal laminating films

Laminating machines or laminators (Laminating equipments)

1. Roll laminator or Hot roll laminator

2. Cold roll laminator

3. Pouch laminator - Pouch lamination process, Specification and defects.

4. Foliant laminator

Laminating processes

1. Thermal lamination (heat or dry lamination)

2. Wet lamination

3. Cold lamination by cold roll laminator

Properties of laminating films

Thickness, GSM (grams per square meter), Yield, CT (corona treatment), Gloss, Haze, Interlayer bond strength, Green bond, COF (coefficient of friction), Shrinkage, Gloss after lamination, Tape test, Scratch resistance, Chemical resistance

Defects in dry laminating films

Spots, Low GSM, Low bond strength, Wrinkles, Creases, Winding defects, Low corona treatment dyne level, Dust and dirt particles, Gels, Static charge in unwinding, Core damage, Blocking

Thermal laminating film applications

As a background in 3D holographic films, Book covers, Posters, Maps, Diaries, Business card lamination, Wide format, Laminating floors

Thermal laminating film manufacturer

3M laminating. Cosmo Films, GBC - GBC laminating, GBC laminating pouches, GBC laminator , Max, Poly plex

Thermal laminating film distributors

Lamination business in various countries

Consumption of thermal laminating films and market trend

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