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Hot roll laminator

Hot roll laminator uses heat sensitive lamination supplies. Film structure of these films is different than wet lamination films. Laminating is done due to the effect of heat under pressure in hot roll laminator.

Film is passed through a heated steel roll and laminating adhesive starts melting due to temperature. Hot roll laminator have different temperature controls inbuild. Heated roller temperature can be vary but it is from 200 - 300 degree F. A circulating oil or electrical heaters are used to maintain heating of steel roll.

Heat sensitive layer of laminating film never directly contacts heated roller and we keep it on the other side. Laminating adhesive like EVA - ethylene vinyle acetate is very common for this purpose. More adhesive thickness provide kushning effect in the laminate and results into better bond strength.

Hot roll laminator selection is done by considering following features.

  • Laminating width range
  • Laminating thickness
  • Maximum film thickness
  • Speed of lamination
  • Number of rollers
  • Heating adjustment controls

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